YOGA NIDRA/MEDITATION CLASSES in Lisvarrinane, co. Tipperary from NOVEMBER 2019

Yoga Nidra/Meditation classes will begin in Lisvarrinane on the 7th of November at 7:30pm.
There will be classes every Thursday from 7:30 to 9pm in our beautiful space. There is only room for 7 people MAXIMUM so BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL!
My Yoga Nidra is a mindfulness type of meditation that brings you into a deep state of relaxation.
It will be a candlelit class, in a warm, aromatherapy bathed intimate environment. Expect some breathing exercises but very little movement. I will help you relax by gently guiding into a mindful meditation, maybe bathing you with peaceful music or hang drum sounds.You can recline on a mat or sit in a meditation position on the mat (various options will be offered), I will offer blankets and some cushions. Bring cushions of your own to create you own comfort. Dress comfortably and casually.
6 weeks course Evening Meditation/Relaxation/Yoga Nidra (1×90 minutes candlelit group class per week) : €100 per person. Drop In/One of : €20 per person.
To book, please contact me per PM or find information here

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