About Unlimited Souls Wellness and Virginie Muller-Feuga

Unlimited Souls Wellness is the creation of Virginie Muller-Feuga.

I bring my knowledge and practice to the service of the people who need it the most.

About me, Virginie Muller-Feuga

Qualified Transformational & Yin Yoga Teacher (Offering Unlimited Souls Yoga Classes and Workshops in Lisvarrinane, co. Tipperary Ireland and Unlimited Souls Meditation  and Yoga Nidra Classes)

Certified Kundalini Reiki Master (Offering Distance Online Kundalini Reiki Sessions via Skype or Zoom)

Certified Inner Tarot Practitioner (Offering Tarot Readings Online via Skype or Zoom, and on my Youtube channel)

Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner (Offering Ho’oponopono Workshops)

I am French, born in the South of France, near Toulouse. I love traveling and I have always been attracted to Spirituality.

However, I have followed a traditional academic background : Masters in International and European Law, MBA specialized in International Marketing, PMP certified Project Manager… I have embraced the standard way of working, yet keeping an open-mind for changes. I went through different jobs and different industries (Hospitality, Automotive, Chemical Industry, Automation Industry, Information and Technology, Telecommunications…), acquiring a knack for adaptation and gathering skills in languages, ending up mastering 4 of them (French, English, Dutch and Spanish).

After a following that traditional workaholic way of life, 2 intense burn-outs brought me to discover Mindfulness Meditation and through Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy, I recovered. I often say that Meditation and Mindfulness saved my life. I then also started going regularly to Hatha yoga classes and Tai Chi classes. And I did  Ho’oponopono Training in Brussels in 2013.

Recent emotional roller coasters brought me back to explore my calling to heal and bring joy to people. I was reconnected to my yogic practice in 2015 through a close friend who taught me Kundalini yoga and I invested into becoming a Kundalini Reiki Master then a Tarot Reading Practitioner, exploring different healing modalities to find the ones best suited for me. I then went on to practice Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga for about a year  before my passion for yoga brought me to take on a Transformational Yoga Teachers Training in 2016.

I am also training in Herbology and Aromatherapy since 2015.

I started teaching Unlimited Souls Yoga in Cork City in January 2017 and loving it ! I held two “Initiation to Ho’oponopono” workshops in July and September 2017. I now offer Unlimited Souls Guided Meditation & Yoga Nidra Classes and develop my Kundalini Reiki therapy sessions and Tarot Readings.
I trained as a Yin Yoga Teacher in December 2019, adding this aspect to my yoga practice and classes.
I have also started developing my new colourful and healing praying beads mala range and even some healing Christmas Stars: Unlimited Souls Healing Beads. (sold on Etsy : https://www.etsy.com/shop/UnlimitedSouls )
CONTACT ME to book Yoga classes (Individual and Groups), Kundalini Reiki (Treatments and Atunements), Tarot Readings or to order your own Unlimited Souls Healing Beads : +353852171193 or vmullerfeuga@yahoo.fr or click on this link.

TO PRE-PAY, please consult this page.




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