Unlimited Souls Healing Beads

My prayer, affirmation and meditation practice was always supported by the beads of a Mala. A Mala is made with 108 beads on basis of a the Buddhist and Hinduist traditions, so you can recite mantras and prayers without making your mind busy on trivial things like counting…

I have a few Malas that I bought or that I was given by friends but most of the time I found them boring. I love colours and I just wanted that to be reflected in the malas I used.

So I decided to create my own colourful Malas.

I also imbue them with healing mantras and energies for each bead I make them with. So not only are they prayer and meditation tools, they will also heal the bearer.

You can now order your own Unlimited Souls Healing Beads from the PRICE LIST and HOW TO BOOK page or on Facebook. In any case, don’t forget to message me (see the CONTACT ME page )to let me know your preferences of colours and what area of your precious Life you would need to heal the most.

BIG NEWS!!!! UNLIMITED SOULS HEALING BEADS MALAS ARE NOW SOLD ON ETSY : https://www.etsy.com/shop/UnlimitedSouls

Here are some of my Unlimited Souls Healing Beads Unique Creations Malas :

Unicorn Mala: to balance all chakras and reconnect with your Inner Child/Unihipili.
€17 + Shipping
Naiad Mala: charged with Water Energy, to inspire the Flow in your Life and to remind you to surrender to your true nature, and answer your calling. It is also blessed by blue nymphs of the South of France and vibrates to the Healing Energy of Kwan Yin.
€22 + Shipping.
Bindweed Mala. Imbued with the power of Nature, it will whisper supporting energy into your heart to help you connect with your more vulnerable side and guide you to Love.
€20 + Shipping
Periwinkle Mala: loaded with purple Healing light to enhance your intuitive powers and facilitate the studying process.
€22 + Shipping
Manipura Mala : charged with Earth and Solar Power to inspire in you Dynamism, Creativity and Success. Blessed by Sunflower Sprites.
€20 + Shipping.
Athena Mala : to support you in communicating correctly while enhancing your intuitive side and your ability to absorb knowledge.
€20 + Shipping
Sith or Shadow Mala. This one is charged with grounding Force and will support you in accepting and developing your own Truth.
€20 + Shipping.
Roísín Mala: one to remind you to connect with your heart center. It is filled with a female rose energy, a loving vibration, and it will recharge you.
€22 + Shipping.
Field Flowers Mala: made for the little ones, this one is charged with joyful and playful energy. It will bring sunshine in the heart of its owner and support his/her creativity and spiritual development.
€18 + Shipment
Unity Mala: it balances upper and lower chakras . It will help you feel supported and grounded, and it will open your mind to new knowledge. It is a mala of transition, balancing energies so you can see ahead and move forward confidently, even in periods of darkness.
€25 + Shipping
Airmid Mala: named after the powerful Celtic Goddess who ruled over healing, herbology and springs. It will bring peace into your heart, help you heal yourself and others by enhancing your natural and learnt soothing abilities.
Clarity Mala : to bring you softly but surely towards the knowledge you seek, enhances clarity of mind and brings calm to the busy heads.
€22 + Shipping
Faun Mala : to connect with your natural instincts.
€20 + Shipping
Étaín Mala : named after the Irish Sun Goddess, it will help you stand in your own Power and obtain clarity, as well as supercharge your intimate instincts.
€23 + Shipping
Smaug Mala : named after the fierce dragon in Tolkien’s novel, this mala is made with wood and lava stone beads and marries grounding energy with the power of fire. It will give you strength and courage and enhance your creativity.
€28 + Shipping