Hello readers and followers,

I have been quite remote for a good while : I was in my chrysalis.

I changed nearly 9 months ago into the mother of a wonderful little prince and I feel that my professional life is also changing.

I feel more ready to embrace my qualification as a Kundalini Reiki Master and I am more inclined to support individuals out of their paradigms and into the light through Tarot and Oracle cards readings, aromatherapy and herbology, colorful and charged craft jewellery (malas…) , custom yoga and meditation practice and of course Ho’oponopono practicing and coaching. I am getting more confident because I know all I do comes from an authentic, loving point of view and my heart center.

So obviously my business is evolving, it is moving towards a different vibration. Now that I am also free from the rat race daily job, I can fully focus on being myself. I am supported by my partner and by my motherhood : my little boy made me my full self.

But more importantly I am fully surrendering to the Universe’s Master Plan and I am trusting that there’s a path for me.

So please forgive me for being silent and making promises of yoga classes that didn’t materialize yet,  it takes a while to adjust all the bits and make the pieces fit into the puzzle that my life is.

I am still me and I still offer my services as advertised here but expect some transformation! Because in fact I don’t believe people stay the same all their lives. We do have to remain to our true nature but essentially, organically we all renew and get reborn on a regular basis. Not only on a spiritual and emotional level do we all go through roller coaster rides, our cells get changed on a regular level. We go through cycles and we emerge different than what we used to be on a regular basis.

The common agreement is that our whole body renews itself on a cellular level every 7 years, even though each type of cell has a different renewal cycle time. I happen to believe 7 years fits me : my life gets transformed more or less every 7 years. But I recon each individual has a different chrysalis time. So please, tell me what is your cycle ?

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Ho’oponopono : inspiration through repentance, forgiveness, love and gratitude.

Ho’oponopono is a fantastic practice.

It started as a way to resolve conflicts and it now spreads to a way to restore your connection with yourself and with the source of all inspiration… In other words, by actually resolving the conflicts within ourselves through Love, we will be more connected to the Divine.

What a fantastic idea !

Follow your Bliss and find your path !

The other day, I came across this quote from Osho :


And it actually took me back to reflect on the years past and all I went through this horrible year 2015. It brought me to reflect on all my past , my whole life… I was always longing for more from life, I still have some reflexes to ask for more but mainly I finally feel that I am at peace with myself, that I am enough, that I matter and that I can be accepted and loved as I am.
It was not an easy or an evident path, for a long time I meandered through life by following what others were dictating as being what I should do and ignoring my own self to fit into a social standard, I now understand that this was not my life I was living, I was merely trying to survive in a sea of sheep.
Maybe maturity has finally brought me to realise that I don’t have to keep working a standard 9 to 5 job if I don’t want to, I don’t have to have a house, be married, have 2.5 children and a dog if I don’t want to. What I owe to myself is way more vast than that : I have to come to the end of my Life and be able to tell myself that I did good to myself, that I was happy. Otherwise, what exactly is the point of living ?
I don’t consider fitting in is a good reason to keep doing tasks and fulfill routines that don’t bring me joy.
I am ready to compromise a little but now I will not let myself be overworked , burnt out or disrespected in my job ever again. I will no longer fulfill a path that others have envisioned for me in my stead, unless it actually is what makes me happy. I will actively seek what makes me happy , what brings me joy , my bliss, because that is what encompasses my passions and that is therefore where I will excel and thrive !
I owe it to myself and so do you !




Start giving unconditionally: Generosity Pays !

Sometimes around Christmas, I get in a craze of Giving Mood… I buy stuff for my family and friends, I treat people to anything they desire when I can, I cook and bake and go mad with giving giving and giving some more ! People who know me should agree that I am a giver, sometimes at my own cost. But that’s the way I am and, call me selfish, I get so much happiness from Giving !

So Now, apparently it is time for me to remind you all to be generous and why…

With the guidance of a yoga guru friend of mine, I have started paying more attention to people in need around me. He gave his students some challenges : to give to someone in need, and to talk to a stranger. I started bringing the 2 challenges together, I put together some sanitary and basic hygiene products in little bags and distributed them to some homeless people I saw in town. I started to chat with these homeless people and I asked them about their journey… I was most of the times overwhelmed by their courage and their generosity, but what happened to me EVERY time is that I received something in return : the gift of a smile, some gratitude, a small token of their own making, a warm greeting the next time I was coming near them, a wonderful story, a hug, a glint in their eye, an idea for how to help others better … I never left them with less than I brought them!Giving_Quote_FreePrintable_2

You might have heard about Abundance, and the Law of Attraction and the Secret. There are loads of talks, posts, feeds and so forth about these topics lately, everywhere ! Well I happen to believe that the Universe is one energy, all the same. I happen to know that when you create a gap, the Universe has an irresistible urge to fill it with something. Ho’oponopono gurus call it the state of zero, and they say that the gap is filled by inspiration from the Divine. But,hey that’s the catch : you don’t ONLY get inspired from the Big Joker… When you give or when you let go of something, don’t forget to add in a pinch of Gratitude (remember my blog about Gratitude ?) and you will notice that your life will fill in with more of what you are grateful for, without failure !

So start giving now, start being generous, Pay it forward ! You might think that it means you’re losing or wasting something, or you might even believe that generosity is a selfish act that makes you feel better about yourself… Don’t listen to the little demon on your shoulder saying that : it’s your greed and your ego talking. You don’t need most of the stuff you have accumulated. All you need is LOVE! Yes the Beatles were right : that’s all you need to exist! That’s all you need to feel alive, that’s all you need to keep going, that’s all you need to be able to give in return (I will write a blog about how Simple Life should be and about how little you need things)… And if you give your Love without expecting anything in return, if you give your Love unconditionally, you will ALWAYS get it back one way or another.

And remember the Universe is a Big Joker : you might not get a biggy in return, it might not come back to you as you expect it… Look for the little pieces of joy and happiness around you, see the Goodness of your life, of your heart, of other people’s heart; see the Beauty all around you; it’s there, in the small details. Like these beautiful flowers, they come in instant of your life that you expect them the least :

29012013 (22)

Leave the Big Picture to the Big Joker : Happiness is in the little moments. They are precious. Decide to see them NOW because only YOU can be the master of your Happiness. Choose LOVE, choose to be Happy (see my other blog on the topic )! It’s like that at first, and once you notice the little moments, the impeccable miracles around you, you will start to be grateful and then they will multiply and flood your life ! Gratitude is an amazing Key to so many things…

I am so Happy right now, my heart is overflowing with Gratitude for everything I have experience, for what I am now receiving and for whatever comes next !

So here is a challenge for all of you : what are you doing this Christmas to make a stranger happy ? Which bit of you or you possessions will you give away to someone who needs it more? Please comment, please share your experience, create a bit of Joy, restore everyone’s Faith in Humankind !…


Embrace Change !

People who know me well would probably tell you that I am an optimist and I always try to see the good sides of situations and people. And damn straight, I am! In fact the opposite is quite daunting to me : I strongly believe that focusing on the faults and criticizing people actually bring most people on a downwards and extremely counter productive spiral of thoughts.

I KNOW for having experienced it that Positive and Mindful Thinking can look like a naive and simplistic way of looking at life; but really, for me looking at things negatively make me feel this lady’s frustration !…

(long version : )

Seriously ! Who has the luxury to be able to waste the Power of their Mind to Negativity ? (I will blog about this again in details soon : your thoughts are powerful!)… Me I’d rather spend my energy looking for Beauty. Nevertheless, as I am human, the fact is, some things really trigger me back to the shadows… And one of these triggers is what I call “immobilism” : people who really really don’t want to change anything in their lives, are devoted to the pas, traditions and routines, spend their energy into maintaining and worshiping long gone memories…

Particularly there is one sentence that I hear and really ticks me off : “we always did it like that!”If we don’t try something new, how do we know that there isn’t anything BETTER than what we always did ?  Repeating over and over the same thing “because we always did it like that” is bound to become tedious in the long run, don’t you think ? What was the best way of doing things in the 30s or the 90s is not really adaptable to today’s ways…

I ranted about French people before and here we go again: we are the most complaining and protesting people in the world in my sight and hence we are the most resistant to change ever! As French people, our reputation is that we protest and strike a lot… In France, there are laws from Napoleon’s era which, if the Government dares to want to change, drive everyone in the streets in protest! I am not saying that Laws should all be changed, a lot of the Human Rights are probably the most Universal timeless Laws ever. But do we still need laws that say that “it is forbidden to die on a commune if you don’t have a cemetery plot within the boundaries of that commune” (yes there is a law that says that…!)? And do you really think that, because the status of the Economy 50 years ago made it possible to support and aid people a certain way, it can always remain like that ? The idea that laws and rights are “acquired” forever really makes little sense…

If nothing ever changed, we wouldn’t have evolved from nothingness into an amoeba, then a mammal, then apes, then humans ! Life is CHANGE. Things evolve, this is how Nature works, so we might as well get with the new times! One definition of Death is that there is not more change in our body. Do we really want to accept a static “life” because “we ALWAYS did it like that”?

If nothing ever changed, wouldn’t our lives be boring ? Don’t you actually get the most excited when something new is coming ? I do !

If nothing ever changes, we would not integrate technology in our lives. (I can hear you think about the Amish community, but, no actually Amish are not the most amazing “immobilists” of all times in my books! They just take way longer to embrace new technologies because they spend time evaluating if it’s good for them and the simple life they aspire to, and I respect that deeply. However these very long discussions are because of our ingrained Fear of Change!

And most importantly, if nothing ever changed, we couldn’t welcome Love in our lives. I don’t think there is anything more dramatically shaking in life than falling in Love. But if we are not ready to let go of our habits and routines, Love will more likely not find its place and even more, it will not stay in our lives. Because, no matter how you see it, we need to make compromise in relationships (all of them) and, let’s face it, making compromise involves a change of the way we think.

Furthermore, if we stay the same all our lives, more likely we will have regrets, because we systematically will “live” lives that were not meant to be ours, we derive from the signs and the Path that was designed for us. Someone I call my mentor for this reason, Late Jean-Jacques Mérie, a beautiful and multi-talented being, told me this very little, seemingly insignificant phrase when I was a teenager and it blew my mind and changed the way I saw my life. He said : “In the end of your life, you need to be able to say to yourself : “I did some good to myself!””.

This reminder to avoid having regrets is thoroughly and intrinsically linked with the connection I have with Change. I see change as a passing, an evolution, a transformation. I choose to see Change as a Positive Thing.

The way I look at it is very well summed up by the simple words of Jim Rohn :

I’m not sure why these words made so much sense to me when I first read this, but what I really mean by this is : YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE, ONLY YOU CAN MAKE IT BETTER! So welcome the Transformations and the Changes in your life with Joy : they might be difficult times but they are Gateways to wonderful new situations !…

I would really like you to comment on this and start discussions : what changed your life ? What brought you to step out of a dark downwards spiral of doubt or depression ?


Get cleaning, Start daring !

Ho’oponopono, in line with the theory that everything is linked and connected, says that whatever happens to us is actually caused by me in the first place.

So let’s all start cleaning ! Clean our life, our thoughts, our actions, our words, our behavior… De-clutter our life from what disconnects us from the Universal Love of the Universe, find our Inner Peace, reconnect with our intuition, with our State of Divinity. Say the mantra today : I love you , I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you. Fill it with intention, believe it!

Joe Vitale is a Ho’oponopono Master taught by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. His life is amazing :  Thirty years ago, he was broke, desperate and living on the street. Through a series of odd “coincidences,” he found his inner calling and has gone on to great fame and success, he went from homeless to guru.. His incredible story of using the Law of Attraction and Ho’oponopono in his own life is an inspiration to thousands. He co-wrote Zero Limits and wrote At Zero. Here is a short talk from him about Ho’oponopono:

Try it : It is liberating !This technique changed lives drastically, it will no doubt start changing yours!
Joe Vitale motto is “Aude Aliquid Dignum”, Dare something worthy. What are you going to dare that is worthy today?

Are you following the signs?


Aren’t you sometimes astonished at the coincidences on your path ?

2 days ago, someone I crossed paths with spiked my imagination and left me shivering with admiration and jealousy. He is Finish and was working in Sales in a big corporation, enjoying all modern comfort and living THE LIFE ! (I can hear someone’s “endearment” from here… Sorry, private joke!). Last year he decided to quit, bought surviving equipment and went on a long walking journey, survival style! He got back in touch with me and, without knowing The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield is one of my favorite books, he sent me this link :

In itself that is already a major coincidence!

Just for the record, he is homeless since June and has never been happier ! He is on a journey to helping and bringing people together and wouldn’t accept anything if given out of pity.

And I have another dear friend who also quit a cushy job this year to open his Healing Center in February.All of these people being pushed and drawn to become Light Workers! I love this. I get a sense of belonging…

This year has brought major transformations in my life. All along my path, everyday, I get to experience the signs and the coincidences that show me that I am on the correct path for me.

You want examples ?

  • I have been drawn to “shine my light” all year but I was really wondering how I was meant to do that. I was guided to become a Meditation Guide (and that is still with me), I started yoga again and really enjoyed it, I received both my first Reiki treatment (I had no idea what that was before) and my Master Kundalini Reiki Atunement in a couple of months, got to experience a bit of my psychic abilities, I was brought into the Angelic world and met my Guides, and I got poked all along to talk more about Ho’oponopono, a bit of this and a bit of that…All along I was fluttering like a butterfly and not finding The One modality I needed to embrace to become a real Healer. I was crying for signs and asking the Universe to tell me what I was supposed to do until one day in October, a Ho’oponopono teacher contacted me out of the blue and told me : “Ho’oponopono is about teaching love, you and anyone can do it and teach it. I decided I wanted to teach it, put a program together and then contacted venues to deliver it. Just do it.” I was shocked by this and thought, well yeah! Then 2 days after I am asked about Ho’oponopono and told that it would be great if an online course existed for it… Fine ! I surrender myself to the Universe! I am now putting together an online course that I would love to launch in the new year. And I don’t have to stop pursuing other modalities and I can keep exploring !
  • Ok want more ?  The other day, I joined to do Tamara Walker’s E-Squared challenge. Part of the second experiment was to count for 24 hours green cars. The minute I decided to start, I look outside my window and what is there ? A green car !
  • Another one : during my first Kundalini Reiki atunement, I saw a big portal radiating rainbow light and a person sitting in meditation. Two of the people, including my soul brother, actually had exactly the same visions !


These coincidences come back in Ho’oponopono : Dr Hew Len says that once we reach a state of zero, we are then open to receive inspiration from the Divine. They often come as this kind of signs. So remove all projections, all “bad memories”, all ego driven thoughts and you will feel the connection to Everything and Everyone, the Omniscience that is what Buddhism describes as a state of Enlightenment… And that all these traditions talk about Synchronicity and signs, isn’t it a coincidence in itself ?…

These are little bits and bobs. Call it coincidences or manifesting, it’s jut coming my way right left and center ! And you know what ? IT FEELS GREAT ! I am so happy and grateful for all I am, what I am becoming and what I am part of right now, I am grinning insanely every day !

What does the Universe tell you to do ? Which coincidences did you experience lately?



Embrace your Unihipili and reconnect with your Joy!

Today, after and amazingly fun weekend full of giggles, I felt drawn to be reminded to connect with your Unihipili, your Inner Child and heal him/her.


You have neglected him/her for too long. It’s time to please allow your Inner Child to come back to you, to be healed, to ask him/her for forgiveness and to let him/her know how much you love him/her.

To help you, I found this beautiful video from one of the Ho’oponopono Masters, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len :


Once you have gone through this very emotional and intimate experience, take your Unihipili by the hand and go HAVE FUN !!!! Reconnect with the JOY you felt when you were a Child, connect with the careless giggles, find your innocent mischievous self, do crazy things, jump in puddles, draw a purple and turquoise elephant, see pineapples as potential toys, smile, dance and sing, PLAY and embrace the whole lot of who YOU really are….

Start today to make the world a better place by uplifting your spirit because it all starts with you. Once you’re happy, think happy thoughts and radiate happiness, people around you will join the smiles and experience your happiness. It all starts with you, it all starts with how well you’re connected with your Unihipili.

For me, at first, my Unihipili was really wary and wouldn’t talk to me… But overtime, the wounds scared, the cleaning worked and the relationship was healed. Now we are buddies, she laughs with me, we dance and play, she shows me how to be more spontaneously, I get some lessons from her everyday!

What was your first attempt at talking to your neglected Unihipili ? Please comment