Hello readers and followers,

I have been quite remote for a good while : I was in my chrysalis.

I changed nearly 9 months ago into the mother of a wonderful little prince and I feel that my professional life is also changing.

I feel more ready to embrace my qualification as a Kundalini Reiki Master and I am more inclined to support individuals out of their paradigms and into the light through Tarot and Oracle cards readings, aromatherapy and herbology, colorful and charged craft jewellery (malas…) , custom yoga and meditation practice and of course Ho’oponopono practicing and coaching. I am getting more confident because I know all I do comes from an authentic, loving point of view and my heart center.

So obviously my business is evolving, it is moving towards a different vibration. Now that I am also free from the rat race daily job, I can fully focus on being myself. I am supported by my partner and by my motherhood : my little boy made me my full self.

But more importantly I am fully surrendering to the Universe’s Master Plan and I am trusting that there’s a path for me.

So please forgive me for being silent and making promises of yoga classes that didn’t materialize yet,  it takes a while to adjust all the bits and make the pieces fit into the puzzle that my life is.

I am still me and I still offer my services as advertised here but expect some transformation! Because in fact I don’t believe people stay the same all their lives. We do have to remain to our true nature but essentially, organically we all renew and get reborn on a regular basis. Not only on a spiritual and emotional level do we all go through roller coaster rides, our cells get changed on a regular level. We go through cycles and we emerge different than what we used to be on a regular basis.

The common agreement is that our whole body renews itself on a cellular level every 7 years, even though each type of cell has a different renewal cycle time. I happen to believe 7 years fits me : my life gets transformed more or less every 7 years. But I recon each individual has a different chrysalis time. So please, tell me what is your cycle ?

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