Quod puto realitatem fit meum

What I think becomes my reality.

One of my beliefs is that my reality is the result of the way I think, talk or act. Since I realized this was happening I started to be very careful about what I think and to “clean” my thought patterns to become more positive and assertive…

All my life I refused to see these signs. All my life I complained and I even spiraled down into 2 burn-outs…

What saved me was mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness as per taught by Thich Nhat Hahn was what showed me the way out of dark pit of negative thoughts. The teachings of this beautiful mind where I saw the light again. I learned to breathe, to only breathe; and then to walk and eat and watch and listen and feel and do everything mindfully.

And I learned this year with Drolma Kelsang to be happy. I learn that projecting positive mantras such as “May you be released from suffering” or “May you find Love” or ” May you find Happiness” to someone creates a positive field of energy that starts in my mind and body and influences everything around me.

Later on in the year 2015, I was directed to this mind-blowing video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8 and I was astonished that there was actually physical proof that words and thoughts influence the material world that much. Say what you want, this came as a surprise to me… Me and my rational mind never actually consider that the power of the mind was so strong !

Furthermore, as it says in the end of the video, we know 60% + of our body is water… So, now you see what thoughts can do to water, imagine what our thoughts can do to our body!

For the skeptical, there is the “big apple experiment” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw8CL4pC__A .

From this collection of proofs, I have developed a theory : things that are imprinted with Love are more beautiful. Love makes things more beautiful. It makes my head feels more beautiful for a start, it makes my world seem more light and it helps me make people feel more beautiful and happy…So, like my amazing coach Emma Brooke taught me, “I choose to see things differently, I choose to see things through Love.”

Because for me there is very little doubt left : my thoughts have a direct influence on my reality and on the reality of others. What about you ? Do you think your thoughts need cleaning ? Do you believe they influence how you see life, how your reality unrolls? Do you believe they influence other people’s life ? Please tell me in the comments what your own experiences about this are.


Love and Light.


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